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by | Monday, July 24, 2017 | Announcements, News

What should happen with I-375?  Make your voice heard and take this resident survey courtesy of State Rep. Stephanie Chang!

From State Rep. Stephanie Chang (House District 6) “I have launched an online resident survey regarding the I-375 Project. My team and I are also going door to door this summer with hard copies of this survey.”

The Michigan Department of Transportation is conducting an environmental review process regarding the I-375 freeway project. MDOT is reviewing six proposed alternatives, ranging from reconstructing I-375 as it is currently to bringing the freeway up to surface street level. This project is in MDOT’s five year plan and will be moving forward. There are various options for the surface street alternatives including placing the street more to the east, with the possibility of more downtown development on the west; placing the street more to the west, with the possibility of green space on the east; or creating two one-way roadways with green space and a bike/walk path in the middle. Most of the alternatives include greater connectivity to the riverfront. MDOT is in the middle of the environmental review process under the National Environmental Protection Act.  Click for more information from MDOT.

  1. RECONSTRUCTED FREEWAY AS IS: Reconstructing I-375 as it is now, with improvements to ramps.
  2. RECONSTRUCTED FREEWAY WITH RIVERFRONT CONNECTION: Reconstruct as is, improve ramps, bike lanes along service drives, landscaped freeway slopes.
  3. RECONSTRUCTED FREEWAY: I-375 transitions to surface street at Larned, bike/walk path next to freeway and add a local street on the east instead of northbound service drive.
  4. BOULEVARD ON THE EAST EDGE: I-375 transitions to surface street at Clinton, surface street is placed on the east with property on west side of I-375 corridor likely becoming residential or commercial development.
  5. BOULEVARD ON THE WEST EDGE: I-375 transitions to surface street at Clinton, surface street is a boulevard placed on the west with property on east side of I-375 becoming land for green space or development, northbound service drive replaced with 2-way street.
  6. TWO ONE-WAY STREETS WITH A DEPRESSED GREENWAY: I-375 replaced with 2 one-way streets at Clinton, property in between the two roadways likely to be used for green space and walk/bike trail in the middle.

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