Auntie Na’s Harvesting Unity

Auntie Na’s Harvesting Unity (ANHU): “The future of Auntie Na’s Village, the ‘unity’ back to ‘community’, and the ‘I am’ back in the ‘family’. Over the years, Auntie Na’s Community Outreach House on the West side of Detroit has served as a food pantry, after-school program, clothes distribution hub, community garden, free childcare center, community meals space and temporary shelter. It is also a place where you can build relationships, organize for social justice, or just kick back and relax. More than anything, Auntie Na’s House is a place to call home. Her outreach program primarily supports low-income families of color, but also works with folks with developmental disabilities, those recovering from drug addiction, and those surviving domestic violence. In short, Auntie Na reaches out to all those who fall through the cracks of our broken system. Over the last two years, a strong relationship has been built between community members at Auntie Na’s House and outside volunteers, particularly those from Oberlin. Dozens of volunteers have begun transforming the space over the last two years, creating a stronger infrastructure inside and outside the house, and developing a computer lab and music room.

Auntie Na is hoping to expand her program to better meet the needs of her community and she has called upon her family in Oberlin and elsewhere to join her on the front line. ANHU will represent that convergence of interests and passions from these other communities as we work together to better support our Auntie Na. ANHU is not one student group, but rather multiple organizations and initiatives that transcend Oberlin College.

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12028 Yellowstone St, Detroit, MI 48204, United States


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