Binder Street Block Club

The Binder Street Block Club is located in District 3 and is bounded by Outer Drive, 8 Mile, Ryan, and Binder Street. enter priligy (generic name dapoxetine) how to take levitra how to increase effects of cialis india levitra kamagra prescription comprar priligy original en usa how to take levitra for best results source url come usare cialis best price levitra 20 mg “Being a part of the solution to make our neighborhood safe and productive where families can enjoy the park and have a place to go and enjoy themselves motivates me to be involved.”

Neighborhood Exchange: How are you making a difference through your involvement with the Binder Street Block Club O&R?

E’Lois Moore: I am organizing the community to work collaboratively to make a difference in our community. The Binder Street Block Club O&R has several projects that we have started including the Farwell Community CB/Walking Patrol, the Farwell Community Garden, the Farwell Swaggers walking group, and various clean-up activities.  We are committed to seeing these projects through.

Tell us about your group’s proudest accomplishment.

One of our proudest accomplishments was when we started our community garden and found how much this project touches many people in the area who participate in the garden and share the compassion that we have to make this city prosper and grow.

CLICK HERE  to see a brief video about the Farwell Community Garden

What is one concrete thing that can be done to make your work easier or more impactful?

Our work could be easier if we were able to recruit more volunteers and neighbors to make an impact on the community.

What motivates you to be involved in your community?

Being a part of the solution to make our neighborhood safe and productive where families can enjoy the park and have a place to go and enjoy themselves motivates me to be involved.

How can people get involved/support your work?

People can participate in the planting and harvesting of our community garden and can spread the word about the great things that this community is hoping to accomplish.


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