Build It Detroit

brand levitra online pharmacy click here see url priligy serotonin conte mascetti viagra get link see What is your organization’s target area?
Northwest Detroit Council District 7; Seven Mile to Frisbee, Telegraph to Winston

How is your organization making a difference in Detroit today?
Our goal is to affect the atmosphere positively in our geographic area of involvement.

What are some of your organization’s proudest accomplishments?
We own 34 properties in this neighborhood. To date we have renovated 11 properties and have people living in them based on their ability to pay. We are concluding the beautification stage of a neighborhood park on Lenore Avenue in conjunction with Detroit Future City.

What have been your top lessons learned through your work in your community?
We need to involve a greater number of residents to ascertain that we have common needs and goals.

What words of wisdom or encouragement would you pass on to others doing work similar to your organization?
Do not simply put your faith in the words of other people. Actions speak MUCH louder than words. Do not allow discouragement to occupy any amount of time.

How can others get involved/support your work?
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Art Whitefield, Executive Team Leader

Email: [email protected]
Phone: (248) 760-3097

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