Chandler Park Neighbors and Partners Association

What is your organization’s target area?

District 4
Harper Ave to Warren Ave.
I94 to Alter Rd.

How is your organization making a difference in Detroit today?

We are recruiting residents in our area to become more active in Block Club meetings, so that we can tackle issues together. Stronger blocks and unity reduce crime, and uplift community and that is sorely needed in Detroit.

What are some of your organization’s proudest accomplishments?

The proudest accomplishment has been beautifying businesses in our immediate area by planting flowers and placing mulch around plants and small trees, etc. It was much appreciated.

What have been your top lessons learned through your work in your community?

Must be thick-skinned! Often the resident wants to vent, which is okay, you must be “resolution focused”, so that the situation doesn’t get stuck in “vent” mold, instead it continues toward solution.

What words of wisdom or encouragement would you pass on to others doing work similar to your organization?

Keep encouraging each other, even when there are very few participating in meetings or events. The good that is done in a community is always noticed at a time when you least expect.

How can others get involved/support your work?

The email address is [email protected]


Email: [email protected]

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