Clean Up Detroit

source url CONNECT CONNECT cleanup5What is your organization’s target area?
Mack Between Chene and St Aubin.

see url How is your organization making a difference in Detroit today?
Our company is trying to clean up Detroit by clearing abandoned sites like houses, buildings, and cutting the grass.

source site What are some of your organization’s proudest accomplishments?
Cutting several lots an houses an building in our targeted places. What have been enter site your top lessons learned through your work in your community?
Having the community thanking us for cleaning up these places.

go to site What words of wisdom or encouragement would you pass on to others doing work similar to your organization?
The reason why this organization developed was to help Detroit come back to its glory one neighborhood at a time. How can others get involved/support your work?
They can volunteer, provide a sponsorship, join our partnership, and make resource connections. Learn More.

It’s Better to Give Than Receive


Christina Otto, Business Development Executive

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