GenesisHOPE Community Development Corporation

GenesisHOPE seeks to meet the needs of human beings and neighborhoods on the near Eastside of Detroit to eliminate poverty and powerlessness.

Genesis Harbor of Opportunities Promoting Excellence (GenesisHOPE) is an emerging community development corporation founded in 2009. We carry out our mission by focusing on three areas of development: youth + community + economic. GenesisHOPE is dedicated to the growth and sustainability of the lower Eastside community – Islandview Village. Our mission is to first meet the needs of people, and then communities, to eliminate poverty and powerlessness. Our vision is to be recognized as a community development corporation that strives for sufficient sustainable livelihood for all.

Contact Info

7200 Mack Ave, Detroit, MI 48214, USA

(313) 571-0937

[email protected]