Michigan Community Resources

Our mission is to support and empower nonprofit community based organizations working in low-income communities, with an emphasis on community and economic development, by providing pro bono legal services and technical assistance.

Originally known as Community Legal Resources, we grew from a legal service provider for nonprofits to a comprehensive support organization for low-income communities in Michigan. We provide the legal, community organizing, and urban planning resources community-based organizations and low-income communities need to revitalize and thrive.

We provide an extensive array of services to help low-income communities improve their quality of life standards. Our flagship program is the Pro Bono Legal Assistance Program. This leverages the support of volunteer business attorneys to provide transactional legal services to qualified nonprofits. Since inception, we have served over 1,200 nonprofits at a value of about $15 million; provided almost $1 million in mini-grants for neighborhood beauty and safety initiatives; and provided vacant property related assistance to over 200 community organizations in Detroit.

View our 2016 Annual Report here.

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