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"We have the heartfelt belief that we all should do our part, give back and bring about change that is empowering, fair and inclusive of all. This problem belongs to all of us."

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June 23, 2015

Neighborhood Exchange: How is your organization making a difference in Detroit today?

Resource Community Development Corporation is making a difference in Detroit today through our continuous removal of blight, cleanups and beautification of targeted areas in Districts 2 and 3 and lending our equipment and tools to other groups and organizations, throughout Detroit, that want to make a difference but don’t have the things available to get the job done. We also organize, plan and make community projects available to groups and organizations that have volunteers but no event. RCDC includes the youths and kids in our efforts in order to teach them the art of giving back and teamwork, while teaching them skills that can be used in their personal lives.

Tell us about your group’s proudest accomplishment.

RCDC’s proudest accomplishment was our project of approximately 194 lots which included vacant lots and unsafe, abandoned houses. The overgrowth was so extreme that the houses could not be seen; a porch roof had fallen to the porch of one house; and the sidewalks, vacant lots and intersection were overcome by tall weeds and brush. We cleared the dumping, debris, hired a private contractor to cut the lots, boarded eight houses and painted the boards. Before the project, for years, our children and residents had to walk in the busy streets with cars speeding and tractor-trailer trucks because the sidewalk was impassable. Now our children and residents in the neighborhood can walk on the sidewalk and the intersection is clear; cars and large trucks can now be seen without incident and dumping has greatly decreased.

In our last blight removal, cleanup and beautification effort, we had 13-teams of approximately 24 members on each. A senior was living with vacant lots and abandoned, unsafe houses all around her residence. We included her house in our project. One team cleaned around her domicile. Ada, the Project Manager, asked her if things were done to her satisfaction. She stated that she was “more than pleased” and would tell everyone how we had helped her. She stated that a better job was done by us than the people she hired that took her money and the lot did not look much better than before they came. Let’s not forget the seniors that live in these conditions and cannot help themselves. Overgrowth 1Overgrowth 2 What is one concrete thing that can be done to make your work easier or more impactful?

The one concrete thing that would make our work easier or more impactful is funding for a commercial riding lawn mower and a utility trailer for transport. RCDC has performed and participated in a number of blight removal, cleanup and beautification projects. Had this equipment been available, we could have been more effective and efficient in our efforts and taken on additional projects. Not only that, a commercial riding lawn mower, after our cleanups, will secure the sustainment of the vacant lots and the lots of abandoned houses. This will be a benefit to the community and the city as a whole. Because we lend our equipment/tools to other groups and other organizations, the lawn mower will benefit their communities as well. Due to the efficiency that the lawn mower provides, these groups and organizations can perform more projects with the time saved.

What motivates you to be involved in your community?

We have the heartfelt belief that we all should do our part, give back and bring about change that is empowering, fair and inclusive of all. This problem belongs to all of us. No one should have to be deprived of hope. RCDC believes that people do not and should not have to live in an environment like the blighted ones we see around the city of Detroit. We want people to feel safe [especially our children], let them know that they have not been forgotten and create stronger communities. Who or what are we if we do not help those who need our help?

How can people get involved/support your work?

People can go to our website and donate to the cause and volunteer. The more resources, equipment and tools that we have, the more productive we can be in the city and therefore, the more people we can bring hope and an improved quality-of- life to. Other groups and organizations can collaborate with RCDC to make things happen because we can help them by lending tools and equipment to clean their targeted areas and we will provide community projects to those who have volunteers but no event. They can reserve the equipment/tools and request a community project for their volunteers on the website. Also, all can like us on Facebook.

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