Warrendale Community Organization

levitra duration buy levitra cheap kamagra prescription http://guidarini-salvadeo.it/?view=article how to take levitra get cialis prescription online http://mens-designerjeans.com/info.php The Warrendale Community Organization promotes favorable relationships between residents, initiates and participates in educational programs, acts as liaison between citizens and the community, and disseminates information to residents.

The Warrendale Community Organization is a community to promote favorable relationships between residents, to initiate and participate in educational programs which enhance the quality of life, to act as liaison between citizens, churches, business, schools, the local police department, and to disseminate information to residents.

The Warrendale Community Organization page is a place to share meetings and events within the Warrendale Community, the City of Detroit, and District 7

Contact Info

6550 Auburn Street, Detroit, MI, United States


[email protected]