go jual priligy jakarta enter get link kamagra oral jelly for men how to take levitra for best results 100 mg cialis how long does it take for levitra to start working source url get link levitra vs viagra vs cialis alcohol kamagra oral jelly come si usa follow how to get cialis online The BizGrid features a directory of Detroit-focused organizations offering services that range from real estate assistance, funding and beyond. It is available as an interactive online directory or as a physical resource chart.

Blexting Mobile App Guide

App that allows you to photograph and report the condition of properties in your neighborhood. Share blexts on the Motor City Mapping website.

Blight on the Block: A Resident’s Guide to Reducing Blight, 2012

Blight on the Block outlines practical strategies and and resource information for residents to tackle blight in their neighborhoods. The guide features data and success stories from the Skillman Good Neighborhoods.

Community Foreclosure Response Toolkit

This toolkit is intended for any individual, group or organization that wants to respond effectively to the foreclosure crisis in their own backyards. It is filled with Michigan-specific foreclosure-related information, resources, strategies for mortgage and tax foreclosure prevention and response, as well as best-practice models from around the state. It …

Community Land Trust Manual

CLR is pleased to offer you the updated Community Land Trust Manual! This guide helps understand the relationship between a Community Land Trust and a homebuyer. provides up to date local crime data with the public. Its goal is to assist police departments in reducing crime through a better-informed citizenry.

Crowdfunding Resources [GUIDE]

This booklet includes go-to websites, helpful glossary terms, and quick guides on crowdfunding basics. This project was made possible through the generous support of the Michigan State Bar Foundation. DOWNLOAD  

Detroit Future City- Guide to Vacant Lots

The Detroit Future City (DFC) Field Guide to Working with Lots is a tool to better connect Detroit residents, businesses, and institutions to resources and to each other in order to learn, collaborate, and better practice land stewardship in Detroit.  

Detroit Future City’s Strategic Framework

  The Strategic Framework articulates a vision for Detroit’s future. It recommends specific actions to achieve that future related to Economic Growth, Land Use, City Systems, Neighborhoods, Land & Building Assets, and Civic Capacity.

Fire it Up! A Toolkit for Youth Action

This toolkit outlines practical strategies for organizing and engaging residents, from planning effective meetings to communication skills. Don’t be fooled by the title: the information can be very helpful for adults, too!

Garden Resource Program

  Participants in the Garden Resource Program receive resources for their vegetable gardens, including seeds and Detroit grow transplants, and become part of a growing network of gardeners and advocates working to promote urban agriculture within a thriving local food system. Participants in the GRP are also invited to get …

Greenfill Development: A Guide to Repurposing Vacant Lots for Flower Farming Enterprises

Greenfill Development: A Guide to Repurposing Vacant Lots for Flower Farming Enterprises The Guide is the first of its kind, and helps identify how community groups can grow crops on vacant land and generate enough money to not only pay for the taxes, insurance, and long-term maintenance of the lots, …

Instructions for Form 990

Every 501c3 nonprofit organization must file their 990’s in one form or another. Get to know the process, the requirements for your organization, from the regulator itself.

IRS Charitable Contribution Substantiation & Disclosure

Do you provide receipts to your donors? Have you given a donor a gift or held a silent auction with items of any Fair Market Value? Then read this publication from the IRS, be informed on protecting both your organization and your donor relationships.

IRS Compliance Guide for Public Charities

A critical guide for all 501c3 organizations, compliance from the eye of the IRS. Know this stuff, maintain your tax exempt status and get your good governance on.

IRS Stay Exempt

A wealth of compliance and good governance information for the 501c3 nonprofit organization. Our friends at the IRS Exempt Organizations have put together a comprehensive and interactive online resource for tax exemption requirements for startup and existing non-profits. Become an expert and protect your organization in the process.

IRS Tax- Exempt Status for Your Organization – IRS Publication 557

If you have’t worked through this document to better understand tax exemption for your organization, then its time to do so now. This is mission driven work, understanding the perspective of the regulator in tax exemption is critical.

Michigan Blight Elimination Guidebook

This website and PDF GUIDE serves as a guide for Michigan municipal leaders interested in developing a strategy to more effectively address blight with limited resources. It outlines the major steps to create a blight elimination plan and centralizes many resources on blight elimination tools, partners, and funding sources.

Michigan Communities and Squatting – What You Need to Know

This guide, provided by the Michigan Vacant Property Campaign, describes types of squatting and how communities can respond. DOWNLOAD

Neighborhood Sustainability Framework: West Village Association

The NSF is designed to provide information and resources for individuals, businesses, and community-scale initiatives on energy, water, waste management, transportation, and land use best practices for a more sustainable city. The NSF is available in a Microsoft Word file to serve as a template for other Detroit neighborhoods interested …

NEx Accounting & Budgeting Resource Guide

These materials were presented at the Neighborhood Exchange Accounting & Budgeting Workshop on March 10, 2016. Topics covered included: Financial Management & Record Keeping Clearly defined policies and procedures for managing money are essential for the health of your organization. They allow organizations to establish credibility and minimize the risk …

NEx Community Organizing Resource Guide

These materials were prepared for the Neighborhood Exchange Community Organizing Workshop on April 14, 2016 DOWNLOAD HANDOUT Topics covered in this workshop included: Strategies to overcome common barriers in community organizing Core values of relationship building and trust in resident engagement Community organizing tools and tactics

NEx Effective Marketing & Media Strategies

These materials were prepared for the Neighborhood Exchange Effective Marketing & Media Strategies Workshop on January 14, 2016. DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION   DOWNLOAD HANDOUT  

NEx Evaluation 101 Resources

These materials were prepared for the Neighborhood Exchange Evaluation 101 Workshop on March 24, 2016. DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION   DOWNLOAD HANDOUT Topics covered in this workshop included: The importance of a program evaluation plan Involving stakeholders in evaluation processes Evaluation concepts and tools The use of evaluation in program design and impact assessment

NEx Fundraising & Fund Development Resources

These materials were prepared for the Neighborhood Exchange Fundraising & Fund Development Workshop on January 28, 2016. DOWNLOAD HANDOUT DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION This workshop featured presentations from guest speakers, including: MACC Development DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION Patronicity DOWNLOAD PRESENTATION    

NEx Grant Writing Resources

This handout was prepared for the Neighborhood Exchange Grant Writing Workshop that took place on February 11, 2016. DOWNLOAD HANDOUT DOWNLOAD HANDOUT #2 DOWNLOAD HANDOUT #3 Topics covered included: Grant Writing 101 – Describing the Project. Defining the Impact. Describing your activity might sound like an obvious and simple task, …

Property Praxis

Property Praxis is an online mapping tool to identify property speculation in Detroit The site shows speculator-owned properties within the city, with speculation being defined as owners having one of four properties: Ownership of three or more parcels in an area in which the owner does not have a taxable …

REVOLVE Detroit Guidebook

The REVOLVE Guidebook outlines resources and practical how-to information for using pop-up businesses and art installations to reactivate vacant spaces in neighborhood business districts. It is oriented to help stakeholders- entrepreneurs, artists, community organizations and building owners- work together and take action. Included are checklists, flow-charts, permits, and much more …

Score Detroit

SCORE Chapter 18 DETROIT is a nonprofit association dedicated to entrepreneur education and the formation, growth and success of small business in Southeast Michigan. SCORE offers mentoring, workshops, and templates and tools. SCORE is a resource partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).

Step-by-Step Guide to Evaluation

EVALUATION IN ITS SIMPLEST FORM This step-by-step guide helps organizations like yours become savvy evaluators of your work, so you can track the impact of your investment and plan forward strategically. IN THIS GUIDE, YOU’LL LEARN: How to approach evaluation What methodologies to use and when Why community engagement and …

Tax Foreclosure Resource Guide (Wayne County), 2015

This guide can serve as a resource to homeowners and renters. It provides clear information about the tax foreclosure process and can connect individuals to the most appropriate resources for their unique situation.

The Employment Law Manual, 2nd Edition

The Second Edition of Michigan Community Resources’ Employment Law Manual is a primer on key legal topics facing the nonprofit employer. Strong employment practices play a fundamental role in the long term success and viability of a nonprofit organization. Every nonprofit employer should understand its legal responsibilities to its employees.

Urban Gardening Guides

Keep Growing Detroit s Urban Gardening Guides are a series of short and easy-to-follow instructional guides designed by their staff to share best practices honed over decades of experience in the field. KGD Soil Testing Guide (updated) Spring Garden Bed Preparation Creating Garden Pathways Building A Raised Bed Trellising & Staking …

Vacant Land Treatment Guide

Keep Growing Detroit’s Vacant Land Treatment Guides contain treatment descriptions, project steps, specifications for land tenure, location, soil and water requirements as well as recommendations for supplies and equipment, planning, implementation, and on-going care.  

Vacant Property Toolbox, 2nd Edition (2013)

Vacant Property Toolbox – 2nd Edition The Vacant Property Toolbox, 2nd edition (2013) provides an overview of both short and long term strategies that community organizations can apply to reduce the negative impact of vacant properties on neighborhood conditions. Strategies include organizing neighbors, creating a vacant property plan, reusing vacant …