A Community Thrives is a social impact fundraising program that is focused on helping organizations related to wellness, arts & culture, and education. During the campaign, you have the chance to raise funds for your charity and you could also receive an additional $100K grant from the Gannett Foundation. In fact, we’ll be giving away $600K in grants to charitable causes this year! USA TODAY NETWORK will be using its media and editorial resources to heavily promote the program on a national and local level. This is an incredible opportunity to raise both awareness and money for your organization. Don’t wait; get involved now! Applications are due by March 15, 2018.


What We Stand For

Wellness- You want to support nutrition, mental health, child development or elder care in your community.
Education- You want people in your community to learn through after school programs, job training or classes.
Arts & Culture- You want to introduce art to the community through dance, art or music.
The 2018 ACT program will be structured in tiers – based on size of 501(c)(3):
• Tier 1: Operating budget of less than $1M
• Tier 2: Operating budget of more than $1MWe’re calling for projects centered around these categories:
• Wellness
• Education
• Arts & CultureYou are asked to:
• Apply for a CrowdRise campaign by March 15, 2018
• Tell us about your charity and what specific project you would use grant money for
• Raise as much money as possible through crowdfunding by May 11, 2018

At the end of the crowdfunding period, the Gannett Foundation will award 8 grants in each tier:
• Tier 1 Grants: $100K, $50K, $50K, $25K, $15K, $10K + $25K, $25K (fan favorites)
• Tier 2 Grants: $100K, $50K, $50K, $25K, $15K, $10K + $25K, $25K (fan favorites)

To be eligible to receive a grant, you must raise a minimum through your CrowdRise campaign:
• Tier 1 Goal: At least $3K
• Tier 2 Goal: At least $6K

Entrants must provide the following information by May 11, 2018 in order to be eligible for one of the grants:
• Fundraiser Title
• Video about organization
• Category (Education; Wellness; Arts & Culture)
• Name of entity, address, phone #, and point of contact
• Explain how you will use the money raised on CrowdRise
• Explain how you would use a grant from the Gannett Foundation – outline a specific project that the funds would be used towards and how much money it would take to accomplish
• Your Name, email, mailing address, and phone #
• Total budget of the entity
• Population served
• Key Project Dates
• Project Sustainability
• Tell us what long term outcome/impact you expect from this project

• Jan 30 – March 15: 6-week submission period
• March 19 – May 11: 8-week crowdfunding period
• May 14 – June 1: 2-3 weeks vetting/selecting grant recipients
• June: All grant winners are publicly announced

To view the complete and official legal rules, please click here.