About Us



Neighborhood Exchange, powered by Michigan Community Resources, exists to strengthen community organizations in Michigan as they work to strengthen neighborhoods. We connect these organizations to resources, news, workshops and a peer network. One way that we do this is through the Neighborhood Exchange website.

Our website is a comprehensive source for organizations to access information about resources, events, news, and a network of local change makers online. All of the content published on Neighborhood Exchange and supported by the platform relates to six Focus Areas, which represent the foundation of our work:

Strengthen the Neighborhood Economy

  • Support neighborhood businesses
  • Create vibrant commercial areas

Increase Safety

  • Involve residents and other stakeholders as eyes and ears in their communities
  • Create partnerships to address safety concerns

Create Green & Community Spaces

  • Turn vacant land into community assets, such as gardens, farms, parks and more
  • Activate public spaces

Strengthen Neighborhood Housing and Environment

  • Address vacant properties in your community
  • Build sustainable neighborhoods that promote a healthier environment

Engage Your Community

  • Organize residents, business owners and other stakeholders around community issues and take action

Build Strong Organizations

  • Build community organizations that are sustainable and impactful.